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What you need to do to apply for an NC tax ID

If you own a North Carolina business, and need to apply for an NC tax ID, you can do it yourself of course.

With applying for an NC tax ID being a little bit confusing, however, it is often better to pay the small fee a business specializing in obtaining tax IDs charges. That way you know you have applied for the right tax ID and in the right way. 

What you will need -- If you plan on using a company to help you apply for your new tax ID, there are a few things you should know or have on hand before you complete their online application. 

This includes knowing whether you are going to apply as an individual, a limited liability company, a corporation, a non-profit organization or any number of other options.

You will then need to know your social security number, your business address, the exact date when your business was founded, and exactly why you are applying for a new NC tax ID now.

You will also need to know if your business will be taking credit card payments that are more than $5,000 and if you will be taking out a business loan in the next few months.

Paying for your new NC tax ID -- Most of the sites offering this service accept credit cards, PayPal and even direct deposit right from your own bank account.

How long does it take? -- In most cases, you will hear back from the company within 24 to 48 hours with your new NC tax ID. Some will even be able to send you your new tax ID within just a few hours. It depends on how long the North Carolina tax folks take to process your paperwork and release your new ID.

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